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Thursday, April 26, 2012

April 2012 at Bodega Bay and Sonoma Coast State Beach

Just a quick visit to Bodega Bay and Sonoma Coast State Beach. Lots of treasures washed up on the empty beach. Focus of the day was catching birds in flight.


Tide Rolls In


How Close is Too Close?

Seagull in Flight



Into the Wind

Going Nowhere

Seagull Flyby

Looking for Snacks

Seagull Grooming

Enjoying the View

Incoming 1

Incoming 2

Incoming 3


Seagull Flyby in Monochrome

Cruising 2

Following Today's Catch

Leg Cramp

King of the Bay

Not Moving for Anyone

All Facing into the Wind

Coastal View


Continuous Motion


Sun Splash

Sea Spray

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