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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Catching up on Fall

It's been a busy fall and I am just now getting to post up some images on this blog. 
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Here are a few of my 2013 fall favorites.

Shine On Me

High Sierra Fall

Blue and Gold of Fall

2013 Draft Horse Classic in Grass Valley

 Sonoma Star
Scenes from the 2013 Great Reno Balloon Race

Travel Nevada

Sonoma Star First Reno Dawn Patrol Participation 

Monday, August 26, 2013

Images from the Streets of San Francisco

I spent Aug 24th, 2013 out and about the Haight with the SF Flickr group on a photowalk.The walk ended at the Open Canvas event sponsored by Absolut Vodka. I had a great time, meet some new people and of course took lots of photos. Some of the photos are of murals and other street art, only the photos are mine. 

Transform with Music


Legs on Haight



Wall Frog

Smiling in Red


SF Street Art

Sidewalk Art

Purple and Pink


Look Up


Murals in Progress



Kilt on Haight

Scot on Haight



Filmore Garage


Corner Mural


Colorful Developments

by Lando

Bold Corner




Bhautik leads the  #sfflickrmeetup Aug 24, 2013

Beauty in the Breeze

Angles and Curves

All You Need Luck Here

Alamo Park and Painted Ladies 

#TransformToday by Absolut Vodka

5 panel

5 Panel Mural on Haight

Absolut Rush

$$$$$ Won't Love You Back

Shadow and Light

 Shapes in the Fog

 Currents and Fog

Dirt in the Details

Hand Prints

Intersection Angel