All photos by Barbara Matthews

Monday, January 17, 2011

Sacramento PBR Jan 15, 2011

Introductions as
Day 2 begins

The Bull's Head

Shorty, Flint, Frank and Jesse

Cody Nance gets ready to ride

The chutes

Douglas Duncan

Douglas Duncan watches the replay

Renato's first back flip of the night

Paulo Lima

Travis Briscoe bucks off Filmore Heat

Robson Palermo on Secretary of Soul

Robson Palermo and Flint

Rocky McDonald bucks off Airwolf

Rocky McDonald

Mike Lee

Wesley Lourenco on Sky Hawk Cut a Rug

Aaron Roy gets 86 on Didn't Feel a Thing

LJ Jenkins

Colby Yates rides Tight Rope for 88 pts

Frank, Shorty, Ryan McConnel and Cody Lambert

Ryan McConnel

Flint, Ned, Jesse and Cody


Ryan Dirteater and Flint

Chris Shivers bucks off Sure Shot

Kasey Hayes comes down off Ricky Bobby

Shorty Gorham and Sean Willingham

Stormy Wing gets tossed by Hot Tamale

Robson Palermo

Austin Meier

Pistol Robinson

JB Mauney and Shane Proctor

Shane Proctor waits for the decision
about a re-ride option

Dustin Elliott, Jesse and Frank

Renato Nunes gets to do another back flip tonight!
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