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Friday, June 24, 2011

Reno Rodeo June 22, 2011

Lee Lantz

Elizabeth trying her best to get rid of Caleb Bennett

Ben Londo on Jack Wagon

Chad Ferley on Haley's Comet

Chet Johnson on Slum Lord

Chris Harris and Justin Foltyn share the victory lap tonight

Chris Harris

Cody DeMoss on Billy the Kid

Chris Harris on Juice Queen

Cooper Shofner 5.0

Craig Wisehart on Canadian Sunset

Curtis Garton on Broken Smile

Cody Martin on Riddle Me This

Dave Worsfold on Lip Tricks

Dustin Flundra and Captain

Ethen Thouvenell 4.7

Heith DeMoss on Road Rage

Dan Gorsuch 4.1

Jesse Bail on Sherlock

JR Vezain on Beautiful Disaster, stopped to check out the hat

Back to bucking

Justin Berg on CowCamp

Jeff Willert on Smooth Sailing

Jesse Bail on Sherlock

Kelly Timberman on Black Betty

Luke Butterfield launching off of Detox

Justin Foltyn

Luke Creasy on West Point Girl

Mac Erickson

Luke Butterfield on Detox

Discussing broken ribs and rerides with Justin Sports Medicine

Troy Crowser on Hammer Lame

Priefert Team

Shane Proctor on Ransom

Ty Pozzobon gets tossed off Pretty Boy Blue

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