All photos by Barbara Matthews

Monday, August 22, 2011

Junior Events and SEBRA at Pac-West August 20, 2011

Bull gave Jesse Aitken a bunch of
trouble in the chute in round 2

Robert Dufore Exhibition Ride

Cody Panero and Henry Stueve

David Crosby Exhibition Rider

Luke Peacock Exhibition Rider


Jesse Aitken 72 pt ride on Wrangler
Tonight's winner

Bullfighters with the quick save

DJ Martain

Dino Mosley 69 pt ride

Josh Knieriem

Cody Hawkins 69 pt ride

Calf Scramble

Robert Fraser

Black Bart
Hunter Petty

Ray Mayo

Bryant Dunn

Wyatt Coffman

Ian Avalos

Darren Carter

Westin Coffman

Tanner Gregory

Mason Santos

Tate Crooks

Exhibition Riders
Tonight's Contestants
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