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Wednesday, August 22, 2012



I don't know his name or his story. He was moved along before I could drive around the block. 

Head hung low; he remains one of the faceless and nameless struggling with hard times. 

He resided briefly on this busy street corner and yet appeared to be unseen or ignored by most.

 Just one of so many that were woven in the tapestry of signs in towns I have passed through this week. 

Signs that promise a commitment to change, declare its time for a change, demand you keep the change,

and plead for a little spare change.

This is my contribution to the Another day, another 600 seconds project that was created by Mike Shaw and Alan Shapiro. Take a few moments to look through the thought provoking photos on the project's G+ page and view their video on YouTube.

Another day, another 600 seconds 

"Another day, another 600 seconds is a project created by Mike Shaw and Alan Shapiro to drive awareness of the "overlooked" around the world. "
curated by +Alan Shapiro +Mike Shaw
page admin +Pam Chalkley

Another day, another 600 seconds video
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