All photos by Barbara Matthews

Monday, August 12, 2013

2013 Perseid Meteor Shower

More time chasing fleeting objects in the night sky. Truly a spectacular meteor shower visible in Northern California this year. Most of these images were taken in Nevada County, CA along Hwy 20. On 8/11 and over night into 8/12 I traveled along Hwy 20, I-80, Hwy 89 to Sierraville, CA and back to Grass Valley stopping along the way to photograph. Unfortunately thick smoke from a forest fire cut the evening short. All photographs are single shot images.

Plane and Perseid

Milky Way

Heavens Above

Wish Upon a Falling Star

Perseid Meteorite Over Truckee

Perseids and the Milky Way

Make a Wish

Perseid Over Tahoe National Forest

Sierraville Night Sky

Light Pollution

Milky Way


Star Gaze

Night Sky Over Rice Country

Summer Night Sky in Rural Califonia

Vista Overlook

Star Dance

Reach for the Stars

Sierra Nevada Sky

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