All photos by Barbara Matthews

Friday, July 8, 2011

Independence Trail, South Yuba River State Park, July 7, 2011

The historic Excelsior Canal has been adapted to carry wheelchairs and hikers across the Independence Trail. The trail has 2.5 miles of well shaded gradual level walkway suitable for hikers, strollers, seniors with limited mobility, and to those in wheelchairs. Highlighting the west side of the trail, is a waterfall one mile from the entrance. A switchback ramp from Flume 28 (520 feet long) goes down to the waterfall and the swirling waters of Rush Creek. Also featured on the west side is an overlook of the Yuba River, surrounded by canyon flora. The East Trail features cliff-hanging flumes, more views of the river and foothill landscapes. There are miles of trails that continue off of this one but they are not wheelchair accessible. This area is known for ticks so take precautions and check for ticks.

Flumes along west side of trail

Tunnel under rock on east side of trail

Yuba River from Jones Bar spur trail
(not wheelchair accessible)

Late blooms along the trail

Yuba River view from flume on east side of trail

Creek off Jones Bar trail

Current trail conditions

Switchbacks to Rush Creek from Flume 28

Meadow of late blooming wildflowers

Rush Creek waterfall

Flume 28

Yuba River from Jones Bar trail

Flume 28
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