All photos by Barbara Matthews

Saturday, July 16, 2011

SEBRA at PAC WEST Arena in Marysville, CA July 15 2011

Mutton Busters

Brady Scott Williams getting ready to ride

Opening Ceremonies

Intros at sunset
Kick off with mutton busting

Bullfighter stepping in to help Tate out

Next up Calf Riding

Benny Sawyer 90 pt ride

Wyatt Coffman 87 pt ride

Time for the bull riding

Brady Scott Williams for 80 pts

Henry Stueve

Troy Jensen bucks off Avalanche

Ty Troberg on Wrangler for 80 pts

Justin Sanders

Brett Bush on Grey Ghost for 73


Brett Bush gets a 76 on his second ride

Brady Scott Williams on Brazil Boy

Brazil Boy paws the ground in front of the stands
not wanting to leave the arena

Troy Jensen gets a reride after his bull comes to a stop

A Little Talk about Steers

Calf Scramble Chaos

Troy Troberg comes down quick off his second bull

Troy Jensen

Brett Bush with an 89 pt ride on his 3rd bull

Ty Troberg didn't quite make the whistle on his 3rd bull

Brett Bush
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