All photos by Barbara Matthews

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Last of Lake Tahoe Fall

Photographs from around Lake Tahoe taken the day before the first of a series of winter storms rolled through. The heavy smoke from control burns helped to created wonderful colors at sunset.

North Shore at Sunset

A  View from Kings Beach

Kings Beach Panorama

Sunset and Fall Moon

North Shore Docks 

Dock at Sunset

 Clear Waters

 Dock at Dusk

Dock at Sunset

 Emerald Bay Reflections

 Zephyr Cove

Emerald Bay Colors


North Shore

Fall Color Splash

Emerald Bay

North Shore Waterfowl

 North Shore

 North Shore Dock

 Regan Beach, South Shore


North Shore

Smiling 1937 Packard

 Sunset Reflections

Fall at Kings Beach

North Shore

North Shore


West Shore

Zephyr Cove
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