All photos by Barbara Matthews

Sunday, June 17, 2012

2012 Xtreme Bulls Reno Rodeo

2012 Reno Rodeo kicks off with Xtreme Bulls

Bull ~Pretty Boy

RAM Pickup Man Jeff Shearer

Nevada Newman

Trey Benton III on Grass Dancer

JW Harris 80 pt ride on Little Joe Hopper

When Every Second Counts, Bullfighter saves Travis Atkinson

Travis Atkinson

Cody Teel watches the replay of his 69.0 pt ride on Holy Slinger

Cody Rostockyj dresses the part for Retro Night

Cody Whitney watches his ride

Friday Wright

Barrelman Ash Cooper

Corey Navarre bucks off Rebound

Shane Proctor pulls Friday Wright's rope

Retro Ash Cooper 

Friday Wright watches the replay

Tony Mendes hangs on for a qualified ride

Jake Wade on Vindicator

Colin McTaggert on Nobody's Home

Retro Reno Rosser

Beau Schroeder

Bullfighter steps in to save Colin McTaggert

Brent Mendz earns a re-ride after the bull falls on him

Ram Pickup man and Motorcross star Justin "Airtime" Ayres

Sunshine Schwartz 82.00 ride on Black Cat  

Nevada Newman

Jake Wade on Vindicator

Kanin Asay on Flash Card

Steve Woolsey on Pretty Boy

Jake Wade on Vindicator 

Ash Cooper

RAM Pickup Man

Rounding up the bull

Bull~Simple Man

Clayton Savage

Seth Glause on Big Dreams

Aaron Hargo and the bull have a stare down

RAM Pickup Man

Cody Samora

RAM Pickup Man Jeff Shearer

Cody Samora

Logan Knibbe on King of Kool

Bullfighters at work

Logan Knibbe on King of Kool

Aaron Hargo 

Ardie Maier

Retro DJ Domangue

Clayton Savage


Rodeo Photographers
Big Lens Faster Shutter Matt Cohen 3rd from the left

RAM Pickup Man Jeff Shearer

Trevor Kastner holds on to Wolf Hound for  83.50 pts

Retro Reno Rosser

Watching the ride

Sonny Murphy on Freeze

JW Harris

Xtreme Bulls winner JW Harris

JW Harris and others relax behind the chutes prior to the bull ride

Shane Proctor

Opening Ceremonies

Shane Proctor

Shane Proctor

Bullfighters Aaron Hargo, Tim O'Connor, Donnie Castle and Barrelman Ash Cooper

Justin Ayres trades in his horse for a bike

Reno Rosser and Justin Ayres

Wildly Legit makes a run at Ash Cooper

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