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Thursday, June 14, 2012

May 2012 Photography Scavenger Hunt

Another round of  Chrysta Rae's Photography Scavenger Hunt  on Google+ has come to a close. Always a great time with a fantastic group of photographers. I can't thank  Chrysta Rae ,  Alan Shapiro , Sandra Parlow ,  RC ConcepcionBrian Matiash , Alan Allum and my fellow Scavengers enough for their hard work, inspiration and encouragement.
Here were my submissions.

One of  3 first place winners, mine was chosen by Alan Shapiro and Sandra Parlow
My first Photoshop "creation" inspired by those wicked fast Barrel Racers.

Honorable Mention by RC Concepcion 

~Depth of Field -Shallow~






~Long Exposure~


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