All photos by Barbara Matthews

Sunday, June 17, 2012

BLM Wild Horse and Burro Center Palomino Valley, Nevada

A new group of mustangs and burros were brought in the day before I visited. Fresh from the range and looking a little thin, they won't be ready for adoption for awhile. Round ups began a bit early this year because of lack of food on the range. There are many horses and burros that are available for adoption now.

Battle Scars on a proud stallion

White Mare Mustang

Resting in mom's shadow

Smile for the camera

Palomino Valley

Wild Horse and Burro Facility

Keeping a Wary Eye


Baby Burro

Wild Burros





Range Thin



White Mare

White Mare

Ready for Adoption

Should I Be Worried?

Wake Up

Strong, Healthy and Ready for Adoption

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